Speaking of Great Apes

I saw a film once about chimpanzees in the wild. It was either about Jane Goodall or  by her.  There was this chimp running through the forest screaming insanely and banging a big stick on whatever would make the most noise. Then he found a big metal bucket and slapped that up and around through the trees really making a lot of racket.  This is chimp politics. He wanted all the other chimps to understand that he was the chimp to end all chimps. That is; THE LOUDEST CHIMP ever. He had them with the bucket trick.

I’ve been following the Republican primaries and you know I’m watching the same darn thing.  Really, think about it. Think about chimps pant-hooting and then quick, think about Gingrich or even better Santorum. Remember in previous elections all the hoorah about flag burning? That’s the verbal equivalent of banging a big stick on a log.  These days we have Gingrich declaring that those lazy poor kids should do the school’s janitorial work and Santorum claiming that teaching evoloution in schools amounts to atheist propaganda.  That’s some first class bucket banging.  You can get lot of attention if you say something awful enough. It’s just a different kind of loud that’s all.  Speaking of Great Apes these bucket bangers tend to deny any relation between themselves and any sort of primate.  I think that’s ironic.  I can’t get the image out of my mind of Gingrich, naked, running through the trees slapping a bucket around.  Ook, ook.

About George Heath

Cartoonist/Sculptor currently designing greeting cards, insect sculptures and alien creatures of various sorts. Creates websites for artists and small business owners.
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