Wax Toad Prince

Toad Prince

I’ve been nuts about comics since I was about 3. So nuts I became a cartoonist. Thing is I can’t draw. Well I can, if it’s just a cartoon head and from straight on. I thought I could make a comic strip about clams.  That would be easy enough but I killed them all ron the first page. I can sculpt cartoon creatures. I don’t know why. It’s a weird thing but I could do it right from the start. Hard to print though and therefore not the best path to syndication or getting a cartoon in the New Yorker.
The point I’m making here is that even though I can’t draw worth beans I have some cartooning chops and am qualified to speak on the subject having been really good at my tiny little corner of the cartooning world.
The biggest frog in a little pond if you will   The only frog in that pond.  I hope in this blog I can poke into the guts of certain cartoonists and take a look at what makes them so good.

About George Heath

Cartoonist/Sculptor currently designing greeting cards, insect sculptures and alien creatures of various sorts. Creates websites for artists and small business owners.
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