What if

What if reincarnation was the actual deal? But not with the karma part. Just random. You’ll come back as someone or some creature but no reward or punishment involved. Would that make you kinder towards other people or animals? That could be you next time around no matter how righteous you’ve been. Would you just swat that mosquito or would you think about it first and then gently pull it off and set it free outside? Sorry Aunt Maude. Bad luck! Hope you end up as something better next time.

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Merry Christmas

            We’ve had quite a year here at the Heath family spread.  In March you’ll remember that tornado that blew through.  It caught old aunt Margaret while she was feeding the goat and blew her clear into Henderson county.  She was ok but the goat did not fare so well.  Landed in the lake and being a goat could not swim.  That’s ok too, we never liked the damn thing anyway.  Aunt Margaret lives in the storm cellar now and won’t come out.  That too is ok as we don’t like her either.

In May that big swarm of locusts hit the place and ate up all the seedlings.  We got the last laugh though as they are pretty good eating. We fried some up on the spot which is how they are best then we sun dried some, smoked some and pickled the rest.  We ate on ‘em all summer and had the last for Thanksgiving.  Mixed them with Jello and put ‘em in a mold the shape of a turkey.  Couldn’t hardly tell it from a real turkey except for the crunchy bits and the taste.

We had a visit from Ma long about July.  She didn’t come in, just stood at the gate and stared at the house for near an hour.  Then she left.  Seemed upset. but it was good to see her again just the same.

The hens began layin’ eggs come August.  Laid so many we couldn’t keep up.  Jake took to climbing up on the roof and throwing them at cars but his aim is poor so there doesn’t seem much point.  Keeps him occupied though, which is a relief to us all.

I guess you’ve all heard about Pa.  That was pretty big news for a while.  He’s ok but feels mighty bad about how things turned out.  He did think it was a good idea but that is just how things go sometimes.  It is some consolation to him that most of the buildings in town were insured.  At least it was Monroe burnt up and not Fredricksburg.  Fredricksburg has the better grocery.  In fact nobody misses Monroe much.

            Well, that’s about all.  Wishing all a merry Christmas!  I better go as the back porch is on fire again.  Jake must of run out of eggs.

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Bat Shit

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Black Tie

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Knitting, or Frank Gets Religion

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Club Scouts

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Stuff on a phone

So.  I’ve gotten a licensing deal.  It’s for phone and IPad cases.  The link is here:  Keka Cases

and here’s a picture of one.

If you decide you want one use this discount code at checkout: 25COLOR.

Thank you for your patience.


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Frank, Cecil and Bob

I thought this would be a whole series. “Hey! I can do a comic about clams.” They’d be easy to draw. However, it ended rather quickly. Apologies for the bad lettering. I can’t draw worth beans.

Frank, Cecil and Bob, a comic strip about clams











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Speaking of Great Apes

I saw a film once about chimpanzees in the wild. It was either about Jane Goodall or  by her.  There was this chimp running through the forest screaming insanely and banging a big stick on whatever would make the most noise. Then he found a big metal bucket and slapped that up and around through the trees really making a lot of racket.  This is chimp politics. He wanted all the other chimps to understand that he was the chimp to end all chimps. That is; THE LOUDEST CHIMP ever. He had them with the bucket trick.

I’ve been following the Republican primaries and you know I’m watching the same darn thing.  Really, think about it. Think about chimps pant-hooting and then quick, think about Gingrich or even better Santorum. Remember in previous elections all the hoorah about flag burning? That’s the verbal equivalent of banging a big stick on a log.  These days we have Gingrich declaring that those lazy poor kids should do the school’s janitorial work and Santorum claiming that teaching evoloution in schools amounts to atheist propaganda.  That’s some first class bucket banging.  You can get lot of attention if you say something awful enough. It’s just a different kind of loud that’s all.  Speaking of Great Apes these bucket bangers tend to deny any relation between themselves and any sort of primate.  I think that’s ironic.  I can’t get the image out of my mind of Gingrich, naked, running through the trees slapping a bucket around.  Ook, ook.

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