Seal Boy

5 1/2" long

Polymer clay, tinfoil, floral tape

$30 + $6 shipping

When I was a kid my parents used to go to Westport for fishing and clams. Once we stayed at a motel that was in the woods and not near the beach. Nothing to do but hang out at the roadside attraction out on the highway. The attractions consisted of an ancient pinball machine, a mechanical baseball game and a harbor seal. The pinball and baseball games were only a nickle but they sucked. That harbor seal though was really something. I liked him because he was a harbor seal. He liked me for the fish. It was a shallow relationship but satisfying none the less. He didn't look anything like this thing.

Seal Boy here is about 5 1/2" long and since he is a little statue requires no fish unless you want to make some sort of offering to the Seal God.

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