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The following links are to related sites and are not necessarily associated with our web design services. They are cartoonists and others whose work has a similar flavor to mine or have influenced my work in some way. Not listed are the likes of Carl Barks and Elsie Segar. Long deceased they do not have websites though Googling their names will find you plenty to look at.

John Sumner


John Sumner's hilarious, bizarre and surreal animal portraits. Prints and original oils.

John Baron's Ducktales


A grown man playing with ducks.

Kim Murton


Portly ceramic creatures, some in cardigans, funny faces on the wall.

Sara Swink


More ceramic creatures some are funny, some a little scary and some wearing galoshes. Behold the occasional bit of furniture.



Drawings of charming yet strange little people, creatures and the occasional vegetable.

Gary Hirsch


Screaming insanity with colors to match.

Jim Woodring


This is where I go when I sleep. Spend some time here. You can read a bunch of comics. Deeply subliminal strange comics. The links page bears investigation. Many strange cartoonists reside there.

Richard Thompson


"Cul de Sac" heads the list that includes "Mutts", "Get Fuzzy" and "Pearls Before Swine". Check his links page too.

Clayton Bailey


This fellow once beat me to an apartment in Port Costa, California when I was a poor sailor looking for a place to live. I'm not even going to try to describe his stuff. tictictictic zzzzzttt boyoyoingggg.

Peter Holland


Peter is a clay artist from Britain whose work has been reproduced by Royal Doulton, Wedgewood and others. His is fine website with much instructional information on clay sculpting.

Pacific Northwest Sculptors


The Pacific Northwest's regional sculpture organization. If you're a NW sculptor and in need of people who understand here they are.

PNWS member's websites - Click the Name to see the site.

Yoshi Aoki     www.yoshiaoki.com
Leslie Ariel     www.bigideastudios.com
Jim Ayala     www.ayalasculptures.com
Daniel Baca     www.bacametal.com
Ryan Beard     www.onesunmetalwerks.com
Denny Boone     www.dennyboonesculpture.com
Deborah Bouchette     www.dbouchette.com
Petra Brambrink         www.petrabrambrink.com
Olinka Broadfoot        www.olinkabroadfoot.com
Lance Carleton        www.lancecarleton.com
Rip Caswell        www.caswellsculpture.net
Kim Chavez        www.kimchavez.com
Nancy Clough        www.lifeinbronze.com
Jennifer Corio, David Frey        www.cobaltdesignworks.com
Gordon Davis        www.gordondavis.net
Nanette Davis        www.nanettedavis.com
Kirk deFord        www.kirkdeford.com
Jim Demetro        www.jimdemetro.com
Wendy Dunder        www.wendydunderart.com
Ben Dye        www.bendyesculpture.com
Steve Eichenberger        www.SteveEichenberger.com
Martin Eichinger        www.eichingersculpture.com
Jen Ellsworth        www.fairyforge.com
Nicky Falkenhayne        www.nickyfalkenhayn.com
Steve Farris        www.martafarris.com
FiberLay        www.fiberlay.com
Devin Laurence Field        www.devinlaurencefield.com
Ann Fleming        www.annfleming.com
Robert H. Foster        www.roberthfoster.com
Tamae Frame        www.tamaeframe.com
Susan Gallacher-Turner        www.susangt.com
Michelle Gallagher        www.thefunnything.com
Robert E. Gigliotti        www.robertegigliotti.com
LeRoy Goertz        www.leroygoertz.com
Anthony Gordon        www.willametteceramicsguild.org
Patrick Gracewood        www.gracewoodstudio.com
Mike Green        www.greensculpture.com
Celene Green        www.celenegreen.com
Rick Gregg        www.rickgreggstudio.com
Jo Grishman        www.sites.google.com/site/jogrishman105/home
John Groth        www.johngrothglass.com/waterjetdesign.com
George Heath        www.funkermarket.com
Jeanne Henry        www.jeannehenry.com
Joseph Highfill        www.josephsculpture.com
Eileen Holzman        www.eileenholzman.com
Jason Johnston        www.johnstonsculpture.com
Issabelle Johnston-Haist        www.isabellejohnston.com
Jeff Jolly        www.jeffjollysculpture.com
Richard Jones        www.drifting-images.com
Yvonne Kitchen        www.yvonnekitchen.com
Susan Levine         www.metalurges.com
Kim Lewis        www.pnwsculptors.org/profilelewis.htm
Alisa Looney        www.alooney.com
Lynn Lustberg         www.lynnlustberg.com
G. E. MacDonald        www.pnwsculptors.org/profilemacdonald.htm
Micheal Maiden        www.michaelmaiden.com;
Julie Martin        www.juliemartin.net
Andrew Maxwell        www.landmates.net
John Mayo        www.johnmayostudio.com
McAlister Merchant, Jr.        www.mcalistermerchant.com
Joni Mitchell        www.jonimitchellart.com
Jay Moody        www.jaggededgepdx.com
Richard Moore        www.rmooresculptures.com
Cynthia Morgan        www.morganica.com
Pam Mummy        www.pmummy.com
Carole Murphy        www.carolemurphy.com
Marlena H. Nielsen        www.realpeopledolls.com
Renee Oberdorf        www.aleetareneejones.com
Ulrich Pakker        www.rpart.com
Ken Patton        www.kenkinetic.com
Steve Piper        www.stevenpiperstudios.com
Joe Pogan        www.joepogan.com
Joe Powers        www.artinsteel.net
Fortunato Ramirez        www.fortunatoartworks.com
Mardie Rees        www.mardierees.com
Alisa Roe        www.pnwsculptors.org/profileroe.htm
David Rosenzweig        www.dynamicsculpture.com
Ruri        www.ruriclaywork.us
Gus Shairer        www.gshairer.com
Darlene Schaper        www.bunnycrave.com
Linley Schetky        www.linleyschetky.com
Stephan Seable        www.stephanseableart.com
Phil Seder        www.philsederstudios.com
Ron Severson        www.rseversonart.com
Victoria Shaw        www.vshawsculpture.com
Jan Sheild        www.dancingtreessanctuary.com
Maria Simon        www.mariasimonstudio.com
Denise Sirchie        www.mosaicsnw.com
Heather Soderberg        www.heathersoderberg.com
Mike Suri        www.suriiron.com
Sara Swink        www.claycircle.com
Jim Talt        www.jimtalt.com
Leland Waltuck        www.thesteelyard.com
Jill D. Torberson        www.weldmetalworks.com
Jill Perry Townsend        www.jillperrytownsend.com
Chris Truax        www.christruax.com
Carole Turner        www.turnerstudio.com
Laurie Vail        www.laurievail.com
Julian Voss-Andreae        www.julianvossandreae.com
Joseph Warren        www.weld-designed.com
Bruce West        www.brucewestsculptures.com
Andrew Wheeler        www.andrewwheelersculpture.com
Maria Wickwire        www.mariawickwire.com
Virginia Wolf       www.virginiawolfsculpture.com
Jackie Woodward        www.jackiearts.com
Lynn Woolson        www.lynnwoolson.com

Elzie Segar - how to draw Popeye

Elzie Segar - how to draw Popeye
Elzie Segar - how to draw Popeye