I don't make these at all anymore. In fact I haven't made any in a couple years, but I did these things for so long I just don't have the heart to delete them. That being the case consider this a wax museum of sorts.







Very Other

Dead Barney

Hey Kids! That's right, he's dead. The sixties meet the ninties. Bwahaha. $27.50


Just right for mother's day. Mom would be sure to just love this. Look real good on the dining room table it would. $25.00

Computer Dragon

Could be this will set the proper attitude for your workspace. $30.00

Ski Bunny

These are hard to make but I will make one for you if you send me $30.00. Comes packed in styrofoam peanuts which make pretty good snow. Don't eat them.

Swinging Bird

         Chirp, chirp, happy, happy. $25.00

Dog With Bowl

                          Pitiful, ain't it. $25.00

Beer Gator

Buy me a soda or a beer and I will put this gator on the can for you. $25.00

Sign Bird

We will send you a desk, (shown), or computer version of this. Will write whatever you want on there for that matter. Specify a color: blue, green, yellow, orange, purple or red. $24.00

Swing Cat

Not only the loss of dignity but the sheer terror of it. $25.00

Gator on a Stick

One would like to think that a little bird in a tree would be safe safe from alligators. The Florida Board of Tourism would sure like you to think so. $30.00

Dead Chicken

Never let it be said that tradition is not important to us here at FunkerMarket. $25.00

Gator with Kitty

This is another horrible thing that can happen in Florida. $28.50

Mousetrap Rat

Dang. Ouch. Newer versions come with a piece of cheese in the hand. $26.50

Computer Frog

Or desk frog or whatever frog. Less threatening than the bird or dragon. $24.00

Toad with Busted Tounge

This sort of thing makes it a real pain to catch flies. $25.00

Raspberry Toad

Express yourself $25.00

Swinging Frog

Everyday run of the mill frog on a swing. $25.00