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If you were looking for that little store that sold strange little wax animals in Sonoma in the 70's or in Old Town Portland in the 80's then you are in luck. Then again, I don't make those anymore. If you must see them anyway I've left the old website intact and you will find it by clicking sculpture and then Wax Museum.

I still make animals though. Just not out of wax. That was hot and sweaty work. Right now I'm working with polymer clay and doing a bit of drawing and hopefully in the not too distant future a little animation. The Etsy store has my creatures and greeting cards. I've a comic strip about clams on the blog and have rant or two in mind for there as well. I hope you find these things worth the visit. Some of it I think is pretty good, but then I would. For your shopping convenience and my financial betterment please visit my Store page. For your annoyance I have a blog at: FunkerBloggert

Thank you for your attention.

George Heath

Cartoon Sculptures and Drawings